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Male erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the trouble that a man confronts, while accomplishing and sustaining penile erection. These ingredients then lead to uncompleted intimate gratification and can wager the big triggers on lowering sexual desire.


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Kamagra oral ED pills are well clinically approved which is now available in various forms such as soft tabs, oral jelly for those men especially having problem in gulping conventional tablets.


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Viagra powerful ingredient approved by FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) for treating erectile dysfunction. This medicine works well to improve blood flow, boost up sexual stamina, improve erection and thus ensure better and more satisfying intercourse.


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Aluminium Carbide Powder XRD Analysis

Aluminium Carbide Powder XRD analysis revealed changes in lattice parameter and unit cell volume of treated sample after unique healing therapy.


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Energy Treatment & Al4C3 FTIR Analysis

Al4C3 FTIR analysis was used to observed the absorption peak of treated as well control samples after the influence of human energy treatment.


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Physical & Structural Properties of Aluminium Carbide Powder

Aim of the present study was to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment on physical and structural properties of Aluminium Carbide Powder.

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